Senior Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is a housing option for seniors who require assistance with the tasks of daily living such as personal hygiene and dressing, taking their medications, eating nutritiously, and more but who do not need 24-hour skilled nursing care. It allows older adults to live independently in a secure environment and receive support from qualified caregivers as needed.

What are Assisted Living apartments like?

Assisted Living apartments are designed to accommodate seniors with mobility challenges and are equipped for both comfort and safety. Generally, a selection of private and shared residences are available with one or two bedrooms plus a living room and kitchenette. Baths are handicap accessible and services such as heating, air conditioning and electricity are included. Depending on the property, telephone and cable TV services may also be included. At The Carolina Inn, Assisted Living apartments are available furnished or unfurnished but residents are always welcome to decorate as they like.

When is the right time to move into an Assisted Living apartment?

If you’re a senior and are overwhelmed trying to manage on your own or if you’re a caregiver and your loved ones need more attention than you can give them without professional support, then an Assisted Living community is a good option to consider. It’s important to remember that this move—like any move—is an emotional process and it’s OK to have feelings of apprehension and stress.

How does someone pay for Assisted Living?

The Carolina Inn is a private pay community, which means that residents or their families must cover the costs to live there. There are several ways to do so, for example through the sale of a home, personal savings, pension benefits, VA aid and attendance benefits for a veteran and/or spouse of a veteran, a retirement account, long-term care insurance, and life insurance with a cash-out policy. Medicare does not cover the costs of Assisted Living; however, it does cover some expenses such as prescribed medications, physicians’ visits, medical equipment, and more.

How are residents cared for?

Senior Assisted Living communities are staffed around the clock with caregivers and nurses, plus residences are equipped with emergency response systems. The Carolina Inn has the highest licensed nursing-to-resident ratio for Assisted Living communities in the Fayetteville area. This level of licensed nursing care allows the team to support residents with more clinical needs or medically complex conditions.

How do residents spend their time?

Residents in Assisted Living are free to spend their time however they wish. But one of the major benefits of a community setting is the proliferation of group activities and opportunities to socialize. Life Enrichment programs are designed to address physical, emotional, creative, spiritual, and intellectual interests. Studies have proven that this type of communal involvement has significant health and mental benefits for seniors.

What steps do communities take for resident safety and well-being?

Safety is a top priority for Assisted Living communities and most provide 24-hour security and in-room emergency call systems. The Carolina Inn also follows strict protocols with stringent precautions in place to support resident wellness. Some of these include immunizations and heightened infection control measures.

How do Assisted Living residents get around with no vehicle?

The majority of senior Assisted Living communities offer guided transportation via van or shuttle bus to planned events and group shopping trips. Personal transportation to physician’s appointments or other activities may also be available or cost an additional fee, depending on the type and location of the trip. Scheduled local transportation is complimentary at The Carolina Inn.

Are meals included in monthly fees?

Nutrition is a hallmark of Assisted Living communities and in most cases, three meals per day are included in monthly rent or fees. Often, snacks between mealtime are available, as well. The Carolina Inn prepares meals fresh from scratch, and each is carefully planned to meet the specific nutritional needs of seniors. Residents enjoy meals together in common dining areas so mealtime also offers the opportunity for socialization and companionship.

How often may family and friends visit?

Residents in senior Assisted Living communities may welcome guests into their apartment any time they want, just like if they were living in a single-family home, townhome or condo. In certain situations, visiting hours may be limited to ensure the well-being of residents. Most properties have common areas to accommodate a family get together and some even offer guest rooms for overnight visits or out-of-town family or friends. Often, on-site events and activities are held that encourage family and friends to take part.

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